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The Mogul University FAQs


  • Where can I find you on social media?

Find our awesome community on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn.

  • How do I subscribe to your newsletter?

You can get updates by signing up [ insert the Mogul Website subscriber page]

The MU newsletter offers the latest on new courses, subscriber-only surprises, deals and freebies, as well as short snippets of miscellaneous interestingness that you won't want to miss. Go ahead and subscribe. You can opt out anytime with just one easy click.


  • Can I send my friend the online class I purchased?

We love that you want to share our awesome business secrets with your bestie. But if you purchased the class in your own account it can only be accessed by you. However, nobody’s ever said no to an early birthday present...

  • When does Mogul University Charge me for an order?

Once you've placed an order, Mogul University will charge you within 24 hours.

If you choose to store your payment information at checkout, Stripe will send a request to the bank for either a $0 or a $1 authorization to verify that the card is issued and the bank will allow it to be authorized. Regardless of whether or not the authorization is declined, Stripe will reverse the authorization request immediately. However, even if the bank declines the authorization, you may still see an authorization for $1 on your credit card statement. The important thing to remember is that this is not a charge, and it will disappear from their statement; depending on the bank, it will be removed from your statement in anywhere from a few minutes to a few weeks.

Stripe will first attempt a $0 authorization in all cases except AMEX (which doesn’t support $0 authorizations - we try a $1 auth right away with AMEX.) If the $0 authorization fails, a $1 authorization will be attempted.

If you checkout with Amazon or PayPal you will see a charge on your account linked to Mogul University within 24 hours of your purchase.

Online Classes

  • Do online classes expire?

Nope! Watch our online classes right now or in six months. There is no expiration date!

  • Is there a maximum number of views allowed for online classes?

Watch our online courses as many times as you need! There is no maximum. You’re welcome.

  • How do I download the class worksheets?
    Downloading class worksheets is easy. Once you enter the class, you will see a tab next to the Lessons that says "Materials", from there you can "Download All" or just the ones you want. Easy as pie!
  • There are a lot of course offerings out here. What makes Mogul University different?

Where do we begin?!

Mogul University is unique in that it offers students direct access to Rochelle Graham’s world, knowledge, and resources through years of running a successful business, and offers students access to her intimate community of influencers, experts, the best thought leaders, colleagues, and educators to teach you what you need.

We teach what they don’t in business school.

Many online business courses are filled with fluff. The misguided focus on the pretty things, such as branding, marketing, and social media, neglect to teach the core business principles that are the true foundation for success. Our Mogul University courses cut through the noise, gives you quick proven answers, so you can get to work and get real results!

  • Do I need internet connection for the online classes?

Absolutely. Internet connection is needed to watch and access the class. It wouldn’t be an online course otherwise amirite?

  • How do I access my online class?

Visit our Teachable Homepage [insert link / TBA] to access all courses.

  • How are courses taught?

Courses are taught via the Teachable platform.

  • What is included in each course?

Each course is different. Check the course page for more details such as the course description, deliverables, or extra goodies.

  • How can I get feedback or help as I implement what's taught in the course?

There are a ton of ways to get help, ask questions, and get answers. You can drop a question or comment right on the Teachable platform. You can pose a question in our Private Student FB group, and an instructor or moderator will respond promptly. You can also present questions during live Q&A webinars.

  • What is the refund policy?

You will get money back ONLY if you do all the work, show time/date stamped proof that you did the work, ask for help on the Q&As and or help on the FB questions thread so we can guide you and troubleshoot your concerns. If you meet these guidelines and don’t meet and we have not been able to troubleshoot your concerns, your refund request will be honored if requested within 14 days.


  • How do I contact you?

Got a new product you want to share with Mogul University readers or interested in guest writing?


Press inquiries?


Have questions about your online class order?

Just wanted to get in touch? Send a note to: